Our goal is to connect the world’s forrozeiros, which means we want your contributions!

We’re looking for:

  • City managers: Have you mastered the forró scene in your area? Coordinate with your local forrozeiros and keep them up-to-date with the events in your area in the calendar and newsletter.
  • Articles on issues in the forró universe: Got something to say to fellow forrozeiros? Write an article in English or Portuguese and share it with the world. We endeavor to publish all sorts of viewpoints.
  • Photos, illustrations, and videos of forró events: Share what’s happening and put your town on the map! We currently need better-quality video to represent forró around the world on the home page. And we’re putting together galeries of forró everywhere, and need photos to illustrate articles. Submit your images and videos here.
  • Translations: Are you a multilingual forrozeiro? Help improve the site’s English and Portuguese, and make the site more accessible to all forrozeiros. We can also easily expand this into other languages if desired.
  • Submit forró events to the calendar: We want the calendar to cover every festival, workshop, class, concert, and dance event. Let us know about your or others’ events here.
  • Design: We threw together this site as best we could. Get in touch if you’d like to help make it better and easier to use.
  • More: Got ideas and talents to help better connect forrozeiros? Get in touch!

Send a message and let us know what you can do for the forró universe.

Photo at top of forrozeiros in Barcelona by Leyna Amly.