Here’s our ongoing effort to standardize forró terms.

What’s a rabeca?

rabeca is a small fiddle (violin) used in traditional forró music. 

A rebeca is played in Canto Madalena in São Paulo.

What is a roda de forró?

An informal circle of forró musicians, often an open jam-session. It’s more commonly seen in samba, where it is called a roda de samba, or simply roda.

How does the friend list (lista amiga) work in Brazil?

When you’re going to concerts and other events in Brazil, you’ll frequently see a price option for the “lista amiga“, which translates literally as “friend list”.

Generally, you get on this list for the special price by following instructions on the event’s website, Facebook page, or other propaganda:

  • Envie o seu nome completo para _______ (email address) — Send your full name to the email address
  • Publique o seu nome abaixo / no mural — Post your name below / on the wall (on the wall of the Facebook event)
  • Mark as “attending”